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Queens Gardens and Frasers Restaurant Wedding | Jade and Aaron

Jade and Aaron’s wedding was an epic 18 hours of joy and celebration!

We arrived at the girls house in Dianella at 6am, where he found the Brides and bridesmaids already preparing for the big day ahead. They had literally been up since the crack of dawn! The girls got dressed in their traditional red Vietnamese wedding dresses. The boys arrived dressed in their traditional costumes and carrying gifts in true Chinese/ Vietnamese tradition arrived at the bride’s home. They lit firecrackers, a tradition to alert the bride’s family that they have arrived. The gifts are considered symbolic of the wealth that Aaron has to offer in exchange for Jade’s hand in marriage. Their main gift they had brought was a suckling pig. So technically Aaron managed to swap this one pig for his beautiful bride. What a fantastic deal!

The next test for the groom was a series of Chinese games, which Aaron and Groomsmen Jeffrey, Anh and Sasha passed with flying colours. This was really entertaining, involving pushups, eating coffee beans, remembering Jades mobile phone number, giving Jade and the bridesmaids Adelene, Chi and Jennifer massages, and a bit of dancing and singing. The funniest game was when one of the groomsmen had to pass an egg from the top of Aarons shirt to the bottom of his trousers, without cracking it. This resulted in some hilariously incriminating photos. Well done to the bridesmaids for coming up with such entertaining and clever tests!

This was followed by a Tea ceremony, which is the official event during which their extended family meets the new spouse and welcomes them to the family. The ceremony usually begins with parents, to express gratitude towards their parents for looking raising them, and is a time for their parents to offer advice to the soon to be married couple. This is followed by other family members, who drink the tea to symbolise their acceptance of the new bride or groom into the family.

The formal ceremony was held at the beautifully manicured Queens Gardens, in East Perth. Jade had changed into her white wedding dress and looked amazing. After the ceremony, we took the formal family photos here and then some with the bridal party. It’s a great location, with water lily-filled lakes, pretty flowers, huge trees and manicured lawns.

We then headed to the popular wedding photography location, Claisebrook Cove in East Perth for some more formal bridal party photos. We took some fun photos up on the limestone wall, the perfectly manicured green hill, the bridge and down by the Swan River. The sun was still really bright as this stage, but with our portable super powerful portable studio lighting we were able to get some amazing shots! The sky looked amazing, bright blue with fluffy white clouds. We also managed to fit in a quick stop at the Blue Boat Shed in Crawley for sunset where some dolphins made an appearance :).

The reception was held upstairs at Fraser’s Restaurant, perched high above the city of Perth and the beautiful Swan River in Kings Park, with spectacular views of the Perth CBD and menus designed by celebrity chef Chris Taylor. What a great way to end such a fantastic day!!

A special thanks to Chris from Deprimo Wedding Photography for assisting on the day.

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