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Tara and Stephen | Darlington Estate Wedding

“I didn’t think I’d be nervous, but I’m starting to feel a little bit nervous” said Tara, on the way to her wedding ceremony. I was in the car with Tara and her family, driving to ceremony when the cloudy skies had decided to open. The bridal car driven by her brother was being pounded by giant hail stones, the bridal ribbon in the front of the car was being shredded by them, and the windscreen wipers were getting caught in the ribbon. Meanwhile the surrounding ground was starting to look like it had snowed. Now Tara and Steve are a pretty relaxed couple, Tara a yoga teacher and Steve and fitness instructor which is proably a good thing, because those hailstones were big! Whilst everyone did their best to reassure Tara that it definitely wouldn’t be hailing in 45 minutes time when she walks down the open air path to the gazebo at Darlington Estate, Tara resorted to some loud music and seated dancing to calm her down.

After a few more adventures,  we arrived at the ceremony, a patch of blue sky appeared, shaped almost like a love heart. I would say Mother Nature was definitely getting into the celebrations, and that was just some giant hail confetti, beacuse the rest of the day went smoothly. There was little more than a sprinkle during the bridal party photos, and the cloudy weather made for beautiful light.  We had first met Tara and Steve at Steve’s brother Pete’s wedding a while back… it was great to be part of the celebrations again for such a lovely family and it was great to see Jen and Pete again!

After their ceremony in the beautifully decorated gazebo, the bridal party photos were taken in the surrounding gardens and trees. The reception was also held at Darlington Estate, and the room all setup looked stunning with fairy lights, an indoor tree growing through the roof. Tara and Steve had met in primary school, although it wasn’t until after high school they became great friends, before realising how perfect they are for each other. Their wedding had a rustic, whimsical wedding theme and was a joy to photograph, you’ll have to check out the blog below to see their awesome details, including a school class photograph of them together when they were kids and table decorations with their matching school portraits. The food was delicious, and as expected from their family and friends the reception had hilarious speeches and some crazily, creative dancing!

Thank you so much Tara and Steve for inviting us to be part of your big day :)


Ceremony and reception  venue Darlington Estate 
Hair Stylist Juans Hair Design
Makeup Artist Ady Orupe
Flowers Made with love by Steve, Tara and family
Wedding cake Made by Tara’s Grandmother
Celebrant  Graham Lambert 

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