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Hyde Park Wedding | Michelle and David

Two years ago, on top of Mount Dale in the Darling Scarp, during one of the DEC controlled burn offs,  kneeling of a pie of broken glass , looking over the hilltops Dave yelled to Michelle “will you marry me?”
Prior to this, Michelle and David had met in their second  year at UWA whilst both studying a Bachelor of Science. Their romance grew over their Biochemistry class as the light from the Bunsen burner flickered off their safety glasses. They had admired each other across  the lab bench until there was an extra sort of Chemistry going on! But now on the top of Mount Dale, as the bushfire smoke drifted past and blood poured out of Dave’s knee, Michelle accepted.

Which is the short story of how it came to be that we were photographing  the lovely Michelle and David’s wedding!  After a false start knocking on the door of the wrong apartment at Ascot Quays, (correct number, incorrect wing) we arrived at the girls, to find them  busy getting ready. Naomi, Jen and Maid of honor Natalie were having the finishing touches of their makeup applied, before the dramatic moment when Michelle emerged in her stunning wedding dress .

Michelle and David’s ceremony was in one of the most photogenic wedding locations, on the eastern side of the Hyde Park under the shade of some huge Moreton Bay Fig trees.  As you can see from the photos, Michelle and David have an amazing chemistry, and spend a lot of time laughing together,  which made for some great photos!

Thanks to the lovely CHOGM and the Queens’s visit,  Michelle and David had decided  to change their wedding from UWA Sunken Gardens to Hyde Park.  I do enjoy photographing weddings at the Sunken Gardens, but absolutely love the location the ceremony was changed to. Think I need to  partially thank the Queen for getting us to go somewhere new :) The location bridal party photoshoot was also at Hyde Park,  the huge trees made awesome backdrops. The sun was creating a beautiful glow, and the backlit trees and rays of light makes this place one of my favourite natural settings  for wedding photography.

The day had been planned so that we could take sunset photos right before the bridal party’s grand entrance into the Ascot Quays reception centre. Since there was a picturesque spot on the river near the venue, we chose to take the photos of the bride and groom there. Although on the day the allure on the turquoise swimming pool was too much, and we had an impromptu photoshoot there as well!

The reception  was very entertaining, and I would have to say the speeches were one of the highlights. Bridesmaid Natalie who had travelled all the way South Aftrica shared how much she loves David, but she’s letting Michelle have him. Dave’s speech was hilarious,  and his brother John provided us with some insights into Dave’s childhood, such as his hate for doing the dishes until every last dish had been used. He would find  Dave eating  dinner out of up  turned pot lid, and drinking his juice out of a vase. If Michelle didn’t know him well beforehand, she does now!

Thanks guys for a great day :)

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