Hannah and Samuel | Griya Santrian Bali Wedding

We love destination weddings, and we are totally in love with this recent wedding in Bali! Hannah and Sam found us when Sam was a groomsman at a wedding we photographed back in 2012 at Karis and Nathans wedding :).  So it was lovely to see so many familiar faces at their wedding.

Their wedding was held at the Griya Santrian Hotel in Bali, a resort they had been going to since they were kids. It is right on the beach in Sanur, where the waters are so calm and shallow that at times you can see a perfect reflection in them. It was such a stunning location for a wedding with all the guests staying in the cottages and villas dotted around the resort, and the staff were so lovely and helpful, even though it was one of the bigger weddings they have ever put together the day went perfectly.

We first visited Sam and his groomsmen Toby, Nathan, Darren, Lachlan, Chris and Adam, who sweated away to put on their shirts outside before vanishing back into the aircon. Hannah and her girls Hayley, Clare, Sarah, Jess, Amy and Yasmin meanwhile were in the spacious bridal suite with the air con on maximum!

Hannah and Sam’s ceremony was held on the beach under the palm trees out the front of the resort, overlooking the ocean on one side, and the hotel pool on the other. The hotel crew even constructed a huge gazebo just for the ceremony.

Their portraits were taken around the hotel, and also the day after at some further away places, the Water Palace Taman Soekasada Ujung, some random corn fields, and the reservoir on the Unda River which looks like a stunning waterfall, from the side angle anyway.  A big thank you to our trusty drive Agus for being both our reliable driver, knowing all the best short cuts, and also helping hold out light stand.

Their reception was held under the stars, lit by strings of lanterns on a grassy patch next to the pool. Dinner was a huge tasty buffet, lining two sides of the reception area. And in the middle of the reception was a huge dance floor, which for much of the night was completely packed with some crazy partying going on. The boys changed into traditional Balinese gear, Saris, and a headpiece. It looked so fitting, and also I don’t think they could have survived dancing, whilst wearing suits in the warm balmy evening.
We were impressed how many guests had taken the time to come all the way to Bali for the wedding, especially considering many of heir guests live in Kalgoorlie! To have more than 100 people there just shows how many lovely family and friends Hannah and Sam have, and made for a amazing atmosphere.  Their wedding was a celebration like no other we have come across! Thanks you Hannah and Sam for having us part of your wedding, we had an amazing time.

Looking at your photos and reminiscing about our cute villa and delicious buffet breakfasts is making me miss Bali very much!


Wedding venue: Griya Santrian Hotel in Bali
Our awesome driver in Bali: Agus – Mobile +62 81239 18088


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