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Jen and Richard of Albedo Photography


Jen received her first camera as a birthday present when she turned 6, a year later won herself a second camera in a colouring in competition. She enjoyed taking black and white travel photos on numerous family holidays around Asia before her age had reached double digits and continues her passion with fine art photography when ever she has time off from shooting weddings! Jen has a Diploma in Photography from Central Tafe, and a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Commerce from Curtin University. Her background is in advertising design and film & TV. Her work has been published in numerous publications, won awards, and featured in exhibitions throughout Australia, including Parliament House in Canberra.

She is recognised for her beautiful portraits, strong use of colour and attention to detail, and is passionate about photographing weddings, people and landscapes. Using her talent for design, Jen can bring your memories to life!


Richard met Jen whilst they were studying Photography together at Central Tafe. He also has a degree in Computer Science & Information Technology from the University of Western Australia and is also a high performance martial artist who represented Australia at World Championships level and is a Commonwealth Games Gold Medallist.

But his real passion is in the arts and  photography. Photography changed the way he looked at the world, it is a wonderful creative outlet for his artistic expression, it allows him to capture those rare fleeting moment of beauty that would otherwise be lost forever. Richard has worked in fashion and glamour photography bringing a slight “fashion” style to his wedding photography. Weddings are the ultimate combination of people, emotion, fashion and landscapes and offer the photographic opportunities that Richard thrives on.

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What does the word Albedo mean?

  • The albedo of an object is the extent to which it reflects light from the sun.
    In photography, it is all about the lighting. If you understand the light, how “big” your camera is becomes less important, because the first step to photography is controlling the light before it even reaches the camera. For some evidence of this, ask Richard to see his amazing iPhone photos!  –  Don’t worry we bring all out pro gear, three SLRs, Canon L (pro) series lenses to your actual event or wedding :)
  • The word is derived from Latin albedo, meaning “whiteness”.
    White, like a blank canvas, before we create your images.
  • And Albedo is also a name for the spongy white layer of the orange peel !
    I wonder how many other English words there are I have never heard of…