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Cristina and Mitch | The Basilica of St Patrick’s + East Fremantle Yacht Club

A long time ago, there was a rare night when a young Mitch, the life of the party decided that he didn’t want to go out. The boys called his phone but he didn’t pick up, they rang his doorbell but he didn’t answer. However his mum eventually did answer the door and let his friends in, and despite his protests that he was down to his last $20, they dragged him out of bed by his feet and told him he is coming out!

His wise friends took him to the old Harbourside in Fremantle, it’s like they knew how important it was to bring him along that night. This was where he first spotted Cristina from the other side of the dance floor. Mitch started doing his crazy dance moves, which I also got to see lots of at their reception :) As they captivated each other with their moves, Mitch edged closer to Cris until he was able to make his first move, he offered to buy her a drink with the last of his coins.

Just like they met, Mitch proposed on the dance floor at the Red & White Ball at the Parmelia Hilton on New Years Eve, surrounded by their friends, and hundreds of other people during the countdown at the end of 2012. Cris didn’t get to say yes until 2013 (and a  microphone) had arrived!

After a fun pre-wedding engagement session about a year ago, we were extremely excited for their wedding. We started started the day at the boys,  where Mitch couldn’t wait to get out the house to see his bride! Meanwhile, the girls got ready at the Esplanade Hotel, which was perfect and so close to the church. Their ceremony was held at The Basilica of St Patrick’s Fremantle, the family photos in the park conveniently across the road, followed by fun bridal party photos around Fremantle.

Their reception at East Fremantle Yacht Club, which offers great views overlooking the river, a sandy beach and lots of jetties. The reception room looked amazing, Stacey from Bean & Bunches did an amazing job on the flowers and decorations. And boy did we get to see Mitch’s excellent dance skills! It was a fab party followed by a relaxing honeymoon in KL and Langkawi.

Thank you Cris and Mitch for an beautiful day. And the trek up the giant hill, chasing birds, naked men in towels yelling, doing spins, and all of the crazy adventures we got up to. :)

Ceremony venue: The Basilica of St Patrick’s Fremantle
Reception venue: East Fremantle Yacht Club
Hair Stylist: Amelia Blunt
Makeup Artist: Daniella Piscopo
Flowers: Stacey at Beans & Bunches 
Wedding cake: Amanda at Cutie’s Cupcakes 
Priest: Father Andrew Chen
DJ: Tod Woodward
Cars: Bellagio Limousines 
Brides dress: The Gown Gallery 
Table decorations: Bean & Bunches
Chair covers: Whirligig Designs

  • Olivia Fischer

    Lovely photography !!

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