Destination Pre-Wedding Photos in Perth, WA

Are you looking to take destination  pre-wedding photos in Perth, WA?

If you are considering taking your pre-wedding photos overseas, we recommend Perth (and are not too biased…) Many couples, especially  from south-east Asia do choose to have a photoshoot in Perth, Western Australia for its close proximity, great locations, open spaces and sunny weather.  Although some  couples choose to fly a photographer over with them, we suggest you consider hiring a photographer form Perth. (us!)

We have worked with many Asian couples and know how to make them look their best! Richard was born in Vietnam, and his grandparents are Chinese. We have also travelled to many places in Asia- Singapore, Malaysia, China, and Vietnam-  and we love everything about it, the food, the weather and especially the people!

The advantage of booking a local photographer is that

  • We have a  better understanding of how to control the harsh sun found in WA. Unlike many parts in Asia, in Perth there is often a blue cloudless sky. The effect of such harsh lighting can be quite unflattering, but we have the experience, techniques and equipment to be able to control the light to create beautiful flattering photos.
  • We know the directions in Perth, and won’t get lost. We do know of a couple from Singapore who, along with their photographer and make-up artist got lost on the way to the Pinnacles for their pre-wedding photoshoot. We were called for an emergency photoshoot with them and ended up taking the photos as their photographer had to leave to catch his plane back to Singapore.
  • We are easy to get along with and are happy to schedule a few hours to get to know each other before we embark on your photoshoot
  • You will not have to pay for our flights and accommodation since we already live here! :)

For more information see sunset times in Perth, WA and suggested Perth wedding photography locations within a few hour radius of Perth.

Find out more about us, and feel free to contact us to request a quote or to ask us anything!

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