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Perth Wedding Photography Locations

Where oh where in Perth to have your wedding photos taken?

A good photographer can make the most of every situation, and find an angle and background that works well. Ideally I would look for is either very elegant or beautiful (nice buildings, water), or a simple background (think plain blue wall) or something that is close to nature (long grasses, dense trees, glowing leaves). I always discuss this with my clients, but thought I would write this page to give you a better idea about the topic in general and so they can be more informed when I do meet with them.

There is more to think about when choosing wedding locations than just what the location looks like.  Here are some ideas to consider when deciding where you want to have your wedding photos taken:

1. Convenience to your wedding venues

Your wedding day is not the best time for long limousine trips. As much as a pretty background can help create beautiful photos, the main focus of your photos is you, your family,  bridal party and guests. Whilst I suggest to make the most out of the locations nearby, I often use a small depth of field to blur out the background anyway.  I also use a mixture of different lighting techniques and tools on hand to create a variety of images within the one location.

This means that I can create a simple, elegant background out of a okay area.

  • Is the location of you ceremony or reception attractive/ interesting/ elegant, in which case we’d use these as some of your locations since we are going there anyway!
  • For example, a patch of long grass/weeds can look very romantic. A church, trees, vineyards, or the architecture works well. We can also use any park, interesting building, plain wall or beach that is nearby to where you will be spending your big day.
  • If I haven’t photographed a wedding at your venue before I will make a trip down there to scout for locations. Often there are many unique locations right there and this would usually be my preference and recommendation to use.

2. Somewhere significant to you

The next way we will think of  location ideas is by discussing any places that are of significance  to you:

  • Where you met your spouse,
  • Where you had your first date,
  • Where you spent a lot of time together,
  • Somewhere you enjoy going,
  • A special place or
  • The place you were proposed to.

Is there anywhere significant near the ceremony or reception venue?

The best photography tells a story, and I am definitely keen to take photos somewhere that adds to your story. I would be keen for a McDonalds, your highschool, uni, cafe, or supermarket location if my clients were. Anyone? I think It’d be a blast!
Also, please remember that you can always book a pre-wedding/ engagement portrait photography session in which case we can use significant locations for your photography then. This may be helpful if your significant locations are too far from your wedding venues to travel to on the day.

3. Iconic Perth photography locations

The third consideration for wedding photography locations is usually the one brides jump to first. I will include prominent locations here to get you thinking.

I don’t think that you need to use the following locations to get great photos, although I know some of my international clients are especially keen to use some of Perth’s best know landmarks in the background of their photos. If any of these locations fit into your schedule then that’s great too!

Some locations do require a permit to use them for professional photography so I have included information about that as well.


  • Beautiful old buildings everywhere
  • Victorian Buildings at Fremantle Markets
  • Round House
  • Fremantle Maritime Museum
  • Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour

Perth CBD  

  • Urban architecture
  • Swan Bell Tower
  • The foreshore and parks with CBD view
  • Trinity Arcade
  • His Majesties Theater for its regal architecture, marble staircases and opulence (venue subject to availability and permit required)
  • King Street old architecture

Kings Park

Fantastic trees, greenery, ponds, and views to the city (photography permit required)


A great location for your ceremony and photos afterwards. Great gardens, lakes, bridges, and historic buildings (photography permit required) which is $80 for an hour

South Perth Foreshore with views to Perth

  • Anywhere along the river
  • Under Narrows Bridge (great location if it is raining)
  • From a boat

Claisebrook Cove

Great for a night shoot.

Mount Bays Road

  • Great trees especially in autumn and
  • The iconic  blue Matilda Bay Boat House, Crawley
  • The Old Swan Brewery

Any beach location in WA

Great sunset location, but remember it is likely to be very windy and can play havoc to any loose, flowing hairstyle

Surrounding Perth area

4. Have a wet weather plan

The final consideration is best to discuss with your photographer when you choose you locations. Where will you go if it happens to rain on your big day?

I recommend having a plan, and then checking the weather a few days beforehand (not any sooner as you’ll only be stressing about an inaccurate forecast). If you do need to implement your wet weather plan it’s not the end of the world. There are many places in Perth that are undercover yet beautiful, and cloudy skies to create more dramatic photos and produce more flattering lighting anyway!

There is also the alternative to purchase large umbrellas and take your photos outdoors as  planned. Umbrellas can actually look quite romantic, similar to parasail’s that I also recommend. I would suggest you purchase umbrellas in either a colour that works well with your bridesmaids dresses, or plain black. Just ensure that they are plain, they do not have any writing or corporate branding on the umbrella and you have enough matching umbrellas for everyone in the bridal party.

I look forward to chatting to you about your wedding photography locations and as always, I am open to suggestions :)

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