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Photography Workshops

Getting started with your DSLR private workshop
This is an ideal workshop for beginners to DSLR photography who would like to learn how to control your camera creatively.  This workshop will get you off “auto mode” and shooting with confidence!

1) The “Exposure Triangle” – Aperture, ISO and Shutter Speed – which is the three variables to consider when taking a DSLR camera photograph.
2) Learn how to decide which exposure combination is best suited for the type of photo you are taking
3) How to get the correct exposure – the different metering modes – evaluative metering, centre-weighted metering, spot metering using exposure compensation, and how to read your histogram so you can quickly check if your photo is exposed properly
4) Focusing – Where to focus, single vs continuous focus
5) Rules of composition- you need to know them to break them!
6) Any other questions you have about photography or your camera

Level: Beginner
Days: Monday, Wednesday or Sunday evenings
Duration: 3 hours
Location: At you house in the Perth metro area, or at a local coffee shop
Tutor: Jen de Vos
What you need: DSLR, memory card, notepad and pen
Cost: $350 for one person/ $400 for two people


Practical night photography – private workshop
This is an ideal workshop for beginners to DSLR photography who would like to learn how to take better night photos and landscape photos using long exposures. Practical theory focuses on the exposure triangle, ISO, shutter and aperture, avoiding camera shake and calculating exposure.

Level: Beginner
Days: Monday, Tuesday or Sunday evenings
Duration: 3 hours
Location: At a coffee shop, followed by a practical night photography session in either Fremantle, Kings Park or South Perth.
What you need: DSLR with memory card and charged battery, tripod, cable release
Includes: use of tripod and cable release on request
Tutor: Jen de Vos
Cost: This is a private workshop, so the only people who will be atending is you and your friends!  The more friends who to join you, the less it costs per person, so gather your friend and be prepared to learn
One person $450
Two people $225 each
Three people $175 each
Four people $150 each
Five or more people $140 each

Contact us for more information or to book
Workshops make great gifts for friends and family interested in photography and gift certificates are available.

To find out more, check availability of your chosen date and make a booking please contact Jen on or call 0421 924 996

UNESCO world heritage listed Hóngcūn China

Night photography of UNESCO world heritage listed Hóngcūn, China

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