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Sony A6300 review and ISO performance

Being the camera nerds that we are, we are planning to purchase the new Sony α6300 as soon as it is released in March for our video work. Because owning Canons, Nikons, Olympuses, and a PhaseOne is not enough :P Seriously though, our different camera have different purposes, and boy does the Sony A6300 looks like that is going to be the best camera the cinematography work. We already have 2 metabones adapters ready to go, and eyeing off the new speed booster ultra.

The Sony A6300 looks amazing with 4k video, full HD video at 120 fps (hello slow motion!!) and apparently the worlds fastest autofocus with 425 detection points. This puts the camera in the same league as the most high end video cameras. So when we stumbled upon this review of the ISO performance, we were super excited.

The video quality looks amazing at up to ISO 12800, and that most likely means useable footage right up to ISO 51200. Since I still remember the days of using ISO 800 film, and worrying about quality, and later anxiously going beyond ISO 1600 on the Canon 5D mark 1. Wahoo, pre-order here I come!

A6300 ISO performance from Albedo Photography on Vimeo.

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