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I’m back from a fun photo shoot at Image Style Studio- met some fantastic people and had a wonderful time working with some great models on some very creative, and some very glamourous work. It was a wonderful team effort and I’m still pumped from it, which is why I am still awake at 3am. Thanks guys, you made my night!  More photos to come below later- but it is best I go to sleep now.

glamour models in photography studio balancing-wearing fabulous heels

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Hi there

Best Wedding Photographer Perth



Hi there!
Richard and Jen are award winning wedding photographers based in Perth, Western Australia.

Their unique style is vibrant, landscape and fashion inspired, a mixture of dramatic lighting and softer sun kissed images, interwoven with candid emotional moments and all the fun that is a wedding.

Whilst they can direct your pose down to the tiniest shift of the arm or chin if needed, they also are happy to hang back behind the bushes (literally) as your day unfolds leaving you to enjoy the moments. And to prevent that 'camera smile', they come prepared with short activities and bad jokes that will result in authentic expressions; intimate moments or lots of laughter. It is this combination that results in such a variety of powerful, memorable images.

If this sounds like what you are looking for please get in touch to check if your date is available.
0421 924 996

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