Las Vegas Photoshoot | Jenn and Tim

Here’s a few photos of Jenn and Tim, one of the couples we photographed whilst we were in USA to attend the highly recommended WPPI Photography conference. The conference was amazing, but we’re glad we found some time to squeeze in some photoshoots as well, the landscape around Vegas is amazing!

Jenn and Tim both work in the entertainment industry, Jenn is a presenter and Tim is a magician. They were a pleasure to photograph. It might look warm but it was actually in the middle of the desert in winter, yet Jenn managed to make it look as though it’s on a lovely sunny day. Most of the photos were taken on a dried salt lake outside of Las Vegas. We tried using our car as a wind block  but it did little as the freezing winds whipped across the barren land. We had a few stops along the way as we made our way to Nelson, an awesome ghost town in Nevada.

There’s a behind the scenes photo of the shoot on our Facebook page as well if you’re interested in seeing the lighting setup used.

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