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Margaret River, Pemberton and the Stirling Ranges

Last weekend Richard and I actually had no photography bookings for the whole weekend. So seising the opportunity we decided to take Richards friend Katie who was visiting Perth  from the USA down south to Margaret River, Pemberton and the Stirling Ranges near Albany.

Now we were unaware, but Katie is super-fit! Which left us a little worn out as we drove over 1500km in the 3 days, visit the Margaret River Chocolate Factory, Cheese tasting, have lunch at Leeuwin Estate, plus managed to climb  two trees (the Glouster Tree and Dave Evan Bicentennial Tree- yes I made it the 75m up to the top!) and two mountains (Bluff Knoll and Mt Trio). Ok, I know they barely scrape in to be classified as mountains, but after climbing two in one day I think that equals a normal ‘mountain’ anywhere else in the world.  We did not take as many photos as we normally would have, as we struggled to keep up Katie’s fast pace whilst carrying our camera gear (ok we do have to thank her for helping us out carrying camera gear up Bluff Knoll) but we really did need to weight her down to stop her sprinting up the mountain.

Overall a very fun weekend, and definitely an itinerary I would recommend for anyone wanting to showcase WA to visiting friend or relative in just a few days.

Bluff knoll, Stirling Rnages, near Albany, South West WA

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