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Welcome to our Photography Blog

I have decided that today is the day. It is about time we share all our photo shoots and weddings with the world so that you can see what we get up to and learn more about  Richard and myself.

I know photography, especially wedding photography is one of the hardest services to book. Unlike the limo, venue, flowers or dress you need to decide and pay for a product that you will not see until AFTER your big day. So instead of a portfolio of our best few images of select weddings, I plan to showcase the top 50-100 images from each wedding in our blogs so you can get a better idea of what to expect.

Booking the  photographer with the nicest portfolio is only half the goal. Because in reality, your photographers will be with you all day. As a bride, you will probably spend more time with them than your groom as your photographer will be there taking photos before you have even left to go to the ceremony. So your aim should be to book is someone who is fun, easy going, friendly, helpful, and able to keep a cool head in any situation.  But then again,  they need to be loud enough when required to get everyone’s attention and arrange your guest into a giant group photo but tactful enough to capture the spontaneous moments and fade into the background through out the day to give you some space when appropriate. And that’s before you even look at style and quality of the photos!!

So back to the point, I thought this blog will be a good way for all our clients to stay in touch, and for  future clients to learn more about us. And if they decide that we will be a good match to spend  their big day with, or photograph their important event or portraits then even better!

Feel free to give us a call or send through an email if you have any questions.
We look forward to meeting you.

Jen and Richard.

  • Christine Coiffic

    Hi Jen and Richard!

    My friend Charlene Ewen recently had her wedding photos done through you and I thought they were absolutely breathtaking! I’m an aspiring photographer myself and would love to some day get into wedding photography. I was wondering if you take on photography assistants at all or offer work experience for someone like myself? I’m very keen to advance in this field and would be willing to assist in any way if you would consider it. Thank you for any feedback and consideration you can offer me.

    Warm regards,


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