What Time is Sunset on Your Wedding Day?

We recommend you consider the sunset time for the day your wedding is being held. This is because the best time for photography, and the most flattering lighting is close to sunset. Of course we do have our strobes and  reflectors to  create lighting if the lighting available isn’t ideal, but you can’t beat an amazing sunset!

Once the sun has set we have about 25 minutes to capture the beautiful colour in the sky. (Less time if the day was very cloudy.) After this time the sky will appear black in your photos,  and no matter how many flashes we bring, we can not light up the whole sky!  Take particular note of this if you are holding a wedding in winter, as the sun does set quite early, something that is easy to forget when you are enjoying Perth’s balmy summer evenings!

Perth sunset photos

Another idea to use the sunset time to your advantage is to plan a quick photoshoot with us in the middle of your reception. This is an opportunity to capture the colour in the sky as the sun sets and  can take place whilst your guests are eating entree or their main, food always works as a great distraction! Richard and I can have our gear set up and ready to go, we will happily photograph you for as long as you can spare time away from your guests. This can also work as a nice romantic break away from everyone, and most definitely results in spectacular photos!

Below are the sunset times Perth, WA, to assist you in your wedding timeline planning. Just look for the nearest date to your wedding, as I have only included the sunset time in 10 day blocks. Please keep in mind that the colours in the sky will appear from sunset time listed below, and usually intensify over the next 25 minutes after the time listed.

If you are getting married elsewhere in the world, just contact us and we can advise you on the sunset time for your location.

Perth Sunset Times

Date Jan Feb Mar Apr May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec
1st 7.26 7.19 6.52 6.13 5.39 5.20 5.23 5.40 6.00 6.18 6.41 7.08
10th 7.27 7.12 6.41 6.02 5.32 5.19 5.27 5.46 6.05 6.25 6.49 7.15
20th 7.25 7.02 6.28 5.50 4.25 5.20 5.33 5.53 6.12 6.32 6.58 7.21
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