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Stirling Square and Guildford Landing Centre Wedding | Felicity and Phil

We arrived at the girl’s preparation location at Grandis Cottages in Henly Brook, we were welcomed by bird calls and fits of laughter. Bridesmaids Louise, Carmel & Jessica Louise were busy keeping Felicity entertained, or was it the other way around? They were super organised, as you would expect from “World’s Most Organised Bride!” Credit must go to them for the intricate bridesmaids hairpieces, which the girls had hand crafted.

The romantic ceremony was in Stirling Square, Guildford. Phil and his groomsmen Claude-Francois, Jean-Paul, Ian were eagerly waiting under the gazebo as Felicity’s limo drove into the centre of the park. He gazebo itself matched the overall theme of the wedding with it’s intricate, vintage style patterns.

The bridal party photos were taken in Stirling Square and North Point in Bassendean, which both offered great variety. Richard and I usually like to take photos in a clearing where there’s a gap without trees or buildings around. Despite scouting the entire suburb before the wedding, I couldn’t find a view without trees anywhere. Even right on the river, there were trees growing every few metres. Although I now feel like I know Guildford like the back of my hand and have a few secret locations in mind for future weddings. A big thank you to the bridal party for being so fun and energetic. We stayed by the cute jetty on the river just until the sun set, after that we were forced to make a quick departure due to crazy man-eating mosquitoes.

Felicity and Phil’s wedding reception was held at the historic Guildford Landing Centre, right across the road from the ceremony location. The guests had enjoyed pre-drinks in the alfresco areas whilst we were off on photo adventures. Throughout the evening we had an impromptu photo booth, Felicity had found some inspiring props, and also crafted moustaches and lips from felt, glued onto skewers. The awesome wire centre pieces were made by Felicity as well!

The speeches were entertaining to say the least. Felicity’s dad finally gave her a pony. It was plastic. And after hearing about Phil’s brushes with death I think he’s very lucky or very crazy. No wonder he’s marrying into a family of nurses, because one obviously isn’t enough with his reputation! Take good care of him Felicity & Co :)

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