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Jasmine and Michael | Sandalford Wines

When Jasmine and Michael met, Michael was dressed as a pirate and Jasmine as a wench for a work ball. Michael invited Jasmine to get something to eat at Uncle Billys after the ball was finished, where they got talking and he found out Jasmine was salsa teacher.  So Michael started tagged along to her classes, and not really because he actually wanted to learn how to dance. Not long after he started offering to give Jasmine a lift to class, and the rest is history. Arrrh me matey, Michael was even wearing (pirate) makeup when they met, which ironically  repeated itself on their wedding day, due to a slight bucks night mishap.

Keeping up their epic story, Michael proposed in front of all their friends and family at Jasmines 26th birthday party. He was down on one knee, everything was going well… until he opened up the ring box upside down and all Jasmine could see was an empty box. He still got a big yes. And everyone, including their dogs started celebrating!!

With stories like that, I knew their wedding day was going to be awesome. These guys are so much fun, there was laughter all around. Their romantic ceremony was held at Sandalford Winery, in front of a backdrop of the cutest trees, which were turning colourful shades of autumn, reds, oranges and yellow. It is an ancient Indian tradition to make a wish and tell it to a butterfly, and drawing inspiration from this they had a butterfly release at the end of their ceremony. Whilst the bridal party and their parents released their butterflies, Jasmine and Michael didn’t seem to want to be set free, their butterflies just stayed on their hands forever. Mother nature worked some magic, even the birds were flying in formation overhead. The day ended with an fiery sunset, with colors so vibrant it outdid the autumn leaves.
Their reception was also held at Sandalford, in the Oak Room upstairs, which is just stunning! Their choreographed first dance was very impressive. And of course, the dance floor was packed all night, with the best group of dancers I have ever seen at a wedding :)

Thank you Jasmine and Michael having us at your wedding, and for such a fun and photogenic day!! :)

  • Sandra Page

    Stunning photos !!!!!!

  • Genius. I love the picture detail. Beautiful ceremony and great pictures of the sunset :)

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