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Teigan + Troy | Hillarys Garden Wedding

“When I grow up I’m going to marry that girl” Troy told his mum about Teigan when he was just 12 years old. And despite his plans being somewhat interrupted when Teigan and Troy each when to different high schools and lost contact, he kept his word. After high school, thanks to the help of Facebook Troy and Teigan got back in touch, and hit it off like old times. Aww I really have the most romantic couples, Hollywood, beat that!

And thus, half a life later, Teigan and Troy were about to be married. We started the day with the boys as they began getting ready. Lucky we were there so early, as Troy noticed he had forgotten his shoes, but had plenty of time to get them after we left. We then visited the girls, who were getting ready in the
most amazing house, so many artifacts from all over the world, especially adding a touch of Africa to the photos and an awesome staircase. The original plan had been to use the park opposite from the reception location for the ceremony, however the grass had turned a dead shade of brown over the summer. The
ceremony was changed to another local park in Hillarys called Oahu Gardens, a cute park with a pond, surrounded by mansions. The styling at the ceremony was very creative, including an arch with a chandelier dangling from it, over the bright green manicured lawns! After the romantic ceremony the guests sipped traditional iced tea from huge glass urns.

Afterwards, the bridal party ducked out with us for some photos on the beach, rocks and a cute jetty in North Beach. The cocktail reception was held back at Teigan’s Aunty and Uncles house, the very same place Teigan’s Grandma and Mum had been married years earlier. Talk about tradition. They place had been decorated with an amazing lollybar, glowing seats on the shiny new decking, walls of fairy lights and giant L O V E letters standing behind the turquoise pool and looked amazing!

Ceremony Location: Local Park, Maldives Drive and Oahu Gardens
Styling: Jillian from Circle of Love

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